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Sexy Women in the Eyes of Men

Sexy Women in the Eyes of Men – Many women assume that they will look sexy if they dress in mini or wear clothes that look cleavage. But is it really like that? Do men justify this?

Maybe we often see, men are happy with women in bikinis. For them it’s sexy. But not always like that. Men don’t just think that sexy is only in mini clothes. Certain circumstances can make you think that a woman is sexy. Anything? Listen carefully!

Stretch body

Men will be interested in seeing women who are stretching during aches or before sports. Why? Because a woman’s body position is upright and that’s what makes a man’s eyes fixed on you.

Messy hair

For women, messy hair will only interfere with appearance, right? For some men, women look sexy when their hair has random waves. But, that does not mean if you want to look sexy, your hair is left messy, girls.

Love to exercise


Women who like to exercise will look sexy in the eyes of men. Men are attracted to women who can play sports such as badminton, basketball, and so on. For them, the woman not only has a beautiful body, but also has talent in the field of sports.

Natural Make Up

Red lipstick can certainly tempt men? But men don’t like women who wear too thick makeup. Impressed unnatural. Now there is a trend of “no make up” make up, which is wearing makeup but it doesn’t look like you are wearing it. Look natural and impressed that is your real face. Well, men prefer women like this and will look sexy in their eyes.


There is no doubt that women who are confident can attract men’s attention. Smart, independent, not inferior, has more value in the eyes of men . They will look sexy because not all women have a personality like this.

So, for women, you don’t always have to dress up to show the thighs, back, or chest. If you are bothered by wearing clothes like that, do the things above. It must be easier to live, right?