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Effects of Playing Video Games on Male Sexual Performance

Although many studies say that the effects of playing video games can be detrimental to health, in fact there are still few benefits tucked from the game. Health experts from Sapienza University of Rome in Italy, managed to find a fact about the benefits of playing video games, especially for male sexual health.

Check out the explanation below Playing video games can prevent premature ejaculation, but also has the potential to reduce male sex drive. A study from the journal titled Sexual Medicine, examined 600 men with an age range of 16 to 50 years. From these participants, it is known that men who like to play games slot online for at least one hour a day actually avoid the problem of premature ejaculation.

But unfortunately, the effects of playing video games in men can also be bad, which affects sexual arousal or low libido levels. The researchers argue that electronic entertainment like video games can influence the arousal of male sexuality, especially ejaculatory responses and decreased passion for sex.

Then, the researchers said that decreased sex drive in people who like to play games, may be associated with excessive stimulation of the hormone dopamine. This dopamine hormone will come out when men play video games and orgasms.

Research assumes, that the body that produces dopamine in large amounts when playing video games can cause a person to have a lower sex drive (due to the hormone dopamine which has been released when playing games).
However, this initial research is still considered not to have really gotten any deeper facts about the relationship between video games and sexuality. The researchers will also conduct further research to ascertain how much influence video games have on one’s sexuality.

For example, although scientists know that certain activities such as answering crossword puzzles or suduko games can help players keep thinking focused and sharp, there is still no scientific evidence to confirm this.

Doctors and health experts have done enough research to find out the benefits of video games for mental and physical health. Although it can provide health benefits, experts recommend everyone to limit the habit of playing games so that the body moves a lot. With an active body, then someone will stay fresh and fit.

The combination of Viagra and the flu vaccine could be new cancer drug ingredients – Cancer is still a non-communicable disease that lurks in modern society. A study says cancer drugs can be found by combining Viagra and the flu vaccine. Is it true?

Dr. Rebecca Auer from the University of Ottawa, Canada conducted this research on mice. Preliminary results say the combination of Viagra and the flu vaccine inhibits the spread of cancer cells by up to 90 percent.

In theory, cancer can become malignant and spread throughout the body because surgery causes cancer-killing cells (NK cells) to function because they are suppressed by myeloid derived suppressor cells (MDSC). Well, Dr. Auer said that Viagra which is used to treat erectile dysfunction can reactivate NK cells.

“Surgical removal of the tumor makes the immune system weak, resulting in cancer cells can re-emerge and spread throughout the body,” said Dr. Auer, quoted by the Daily Mail .

“Our research on mice proves the combination of Viagra and the flu vaccine helps reactivate and increase the production of immune cells that can kill cancer cells,” he added.

Not stopping at mice, Dr. Auer and his team are now conducting further research on humans. Participants were 24 colon cancer patients who were undergoing treatment and were going to have surgery to remove the tumor.

He hopes that by doing this research can pave the way for the discovery of new cancer drugs that are more effective and inexpensive. Moreover, the number of cancer patients is predicted to increase until 2030.

Use Erectile Dysfunction Medication, Eyesight of a dozen Turkish men turn blue – Some men in Turkey visit hospitals with their vision problems turning blue. Doctors report, this condition occurs after the consumption of sildenafil erectile dysfunction drugs, the active ingredient in Viagra.

In a report published in the journal Frontiers in Neurology revealed, there are at least 17 men who have vision problems and experienced for 24 hours.

Reporting from Live Science on Wednesday (02/12/2020), reported problems include blurred vision, light sensitivity, reduced function, to changing perception of color, including vision that turns blue or is called cyanopsia.

Those with cyanopsia also report color blindness in red and green. However, none of the patients had a history of eye disease or color blindness.
Dr. Cüneyt Karaarslan from the Dünyagöz Adana hospital, the author of the report, revealed that all the symptoms disappeared after 21 days.

“For most men, all the side effects (sildenafil) will be temporary and mild,” Karaarslan said.

“However, I would like to highlight that persistent eye and vision problems may be encountered for a small number of users,” Karaarslan added.

Live Science reported earlier that sildenafil not only regulates blood flow to the penis but also inhibits a related enzyme called phosphodiesterase type 6, which is found in retinal cells, light-sensitive cells in the back of the eye. Chances are, in high doses, this condition leads to a buildup of molecules that are poisonous to retinal cells.

Karaarslan noted that all patients in this report were first-time users of Sildenafil. However, they all took the highest dose of 100 milligrams and without a prescription.

Therefore, Karaarslan recommends that men who want to use this kind of drug should start with a low dose and under medical supervision or by prescription. In addition, he also said that what was important was not only the use of drugs under the supervision of a doctor.

“Although these drugs are used under the control of a doctor and at the recommended dosage, providing sexual and mental support is very important. Uncontrolled and inappropriate dosages should not be used or repeated,” Karaarslan said.

Lybrido, Viagra for Women Increases Passion in Bed – Now a woman can buy her own version of Viagra pills. The pill, called Lybrido is claimed to be able to increase a woman’s desire for sex, and make it more satisfying when that happens. Lybrido will also be sold freely soon.

Using a combination of testosterone and Viagra drugs, such as those that work on both the brain and body, can increase lackluster libido. With the amazing results of the trial, the Viagra is reportedly also able to be by your bedside, and last for 3 years.

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However, experts warn that the company that made it will be under pressure, to prove that the drug will not turn women into nymphomaniacs (women with very high sex drive)

With worldwide sales of Viagra reaching 1.5 billion Euros per year, scientists have long tried to make another version that is marketed specifically for women.

However, previous attempts have failed to make it because low female libido often comes from psychological as much as physical factors.

Dutch firm Emotional Brain (DfEB) believes that problems in the bed will soon break by using the two in one pill , which must be consumed three and a half hours before having sex.

Smaller than aspirin, Viagra is like a drug in testosterone and coated with mint flavor. Separately, these drugs can not lift the languid female libido. However, together, the drug is said to provide the necessary impetus.

The physical effects of Viagra magnify the effects of testosterone on the pleasure centers of the brain.

An trial involving more than 200 women in the United States has just been completed. The complete results are still hidden. However, the founder of DfEB, Adriaan Tuiten, described the drug as something promising. Tuiten began researching women’s emotions, after her boyfriend hurt her when she was 20 years old.

He said that with drugs, women are able to make love more often and are more likely to achieve orgasm. However, some people will suffer side effects, including headaches, facial flushing, or neck.

“With this drug, women will be able to make love and often reach orgasm. But some women experience side effects including headaches and allergies on the face or neck. For that we need to consult a doctor beforehand,” said Tuiten.

Dr Tuiten believes that this pill will be most popular with women who have been married for a long time, for whom sex might have become boring.

On the other hand, as reported by Dailymail, Tuesday (05/28/2013), some experts worry that Lybrido will put women under pressure to always appear. While others are skeptical about whether the pill can increase a woman’s sex drive. Researchers suggest that tablets will not improve relationships that are difficult or relieve the pressure of work and children.

Tuiten said that up to 43 percent of women suffer from low sex drive at some point in their lives, and far from the opposite of women who are sex maniacs, the drug will only increase low libido to normal levels.

He now plans to conduct a larger trial, and hopes the drug will soon be marketed in Europe and the United States by the end of 2016.

Video Slots for Fun

Video Slots for Fun – A few years ago when there was no speed internet most people went to casinos and participated in various types of games. Now people who can’t go to casinos because they don’t have enough time to go to casinos and enjoy different games, they play slots for fun and video slots just by sitting in their homes. Because of the good speed and efficient internet performance, everything becomes easier and faster. Online casinos are designed for interested people who can play slots for fun in video slots.

Difference between video slots and casino slots

There is no big difference in dominoqq slots and online slots because there are physical machines in casinos that have metal boxes and handles but if you play online then with graphic design the impression of slot machines is produced and you have to click the button with the help of a mouse and then the slot software starts functioning and shows random numbers on the reels. At the casino you have to drop a coin in the machine and then show the number but when you play online video slots and slots for fun then the amount of money is dropped by the casino and you play video slots and slots for fun through your credit card and the method described the other.

Various choices to play more games

There are also other types of games that are also available at online casinos and it is up to you what type of game you want to play. But here we are talking about video slots and this game is known as a slot for fun. The interesting things about this game is that you don’t get bored easily because you get different types of sets after each round. There are two types of machines, one is a three roll machine where you get a set of three numbers on a roll after a round and there is another known as a five roll slot where you get a set of five numbers and symbols.

It depends on you what type of slot you want to play. In video slots and slots for fun you have different types of themes and you can get one theme that suits your interests and then you can start the game. If you choose the number theme in the video slot and the slot for fun then you will get a set of numbers and if you will choose a symbol theme then you will get a set of symbols. If you have the same number or symbol on all reels then you will win the jackpot. Winning the jackpot is like you will want to play the game again and again.

Sometimes if you don’t win the jackpot there are various other types of prizes available such as bonuses and other prices. Winning the jackpot is like you will want to play the game again and again. Sometimes if you don’t win the jackpot there are various other types of prizes available such as bonuses and other prices. Winning the jackpot is like you will want to play the game again and again. Sometimes if you don’t win the jackpot there are various other types of prizes available such as bonuses and other prices

Sexy Women in the Eyes of Men

Sexy Women in the Eyes of Men – Many women assume that they will look sexy if they dress in mini or wear clothes that look cleavage. But is it really like that? Do men justify this?

Maybe we often see, men are happy with women in bikinis. For them it’s sexy. But not always like that. Men don’t just think that sexy is only in mini clothes. Certain circumstances can make you think that a woman is sexy. Anything? Listen carefully!

Stretch body

Men will be interested in seeing women who are stretching during aches or before sports. Why? Because a woman’s body position is upright and that’s what makes a man’s eyes fixed on you.

Messy hair

For women, messy hair will only interfere with appearance, right? For some men, women look sexy when their hair has random waves. But, that does not mean if you want to look sexy, your hair is left messy, girls.

Love to exercise


Women who like to exercise will look sexy in the eyes of men. Men are attracted to women who can play sports such as badminton, basketball, and so on. For them, the woman not only has a beautiful body, but also has talent in the field of sports.

Natural Make Up

Red lipstick can certainly tempt men? But men don’t like women who wear too thick makeup. Impressed unnatural. Now there is a trend of “no make up” make up, which is wearing makeup but it doesn’t look like you are wearing it. Look natural and impressed that is your real face. Well, men prefer women like this and will look sexy in their eyes.


There is no doubt that women who are confident can attract men’s attention. Smart, independent, not inferior, has more value in the eyes of men . They will look sexy because not all women have a personality like this.

So, for women, you don’t always have to dress up to show the thighs, back, or chest. If you are bothered by wearing clothes like that, do the things above. It must be easier to live, right?

Sexy Lingerie For Plus Size Women

Sexy Lingerie For Plus Size Women – Sexy lingerie and body size should not be too meaningful because they are provocative! Some people have this picture on their heads that 36 x 24 x 36 is the shape to be and only these types of girls look amazing in sex lingerie. OK, we tell you that you are wrong. These women look beautiful in lingerie, but they are not the only ones. Actually it makes no difference what your body shape is, and every woman looks great in lingerie.

We need to understand that every woman – no matter her size, shape, age, or beautiful skin color. Each of us has different tastes as far as we see them as sexy. Plus size women are as hot as runway models, or black women; for white women. The point is that what is not attractive to someone is beautiful to others.

Women and men will fluctuate in their appearance and some people lose weight others will gain. This is just a fact of life and the section mostly comes from within and is displayed mostly by attitude.

We all have special features that others cannot refuse. For example, many people like small breasted women while others like Double D Breasts. Some like Plus size also known as BBW (Big Beautiful Women). Much like women with big booties, and hips. No matter how beautiful it is in someone’s mind. Beautiful women are found all over the world and each needs to be admired and valued for their unique attributes, and always remember that these women are seen as beautiful by many people and loved by someone!

When a woman wears sexy lingerie and makes herself very difficult to reject her appeal. He knows what makes his partner’s blood boil with desire. She is very sexy and provides initial stimulation to get her partner in the right frame of mind; and with little effort from the world of Adult Sex Toy; this cool will shake someone’s world. The lingerie industry has many items available to enhance any of the sexiest aspects of women. Some obvious favorites will include sexy skinless clothing that allows the middle part to be covered with open breasts for kissing and touching. Crotchless is another favorite that also allows for touching and kissing. Maybe a costume like Playboy Bunny or School Girl to your liking. No matter the choice you can be sure that a woman is truly a vision of heaven when she presents herself to her partner in sexy lingerie. So no matter the age, color, size or shape – she’s sexy!

So be careful not to judge anyone, because we are all sexy in one way or another. Also don’t forget to look at yourself and make sure that you judge others; You can also be judged. Don’t waste life with strong opinions because there are always counter arguments. We say all beautiful women and Sexy lingerie will only accentuate that fact!

What are the Effects of Viagra when Consumed by Women? – Viagra is one of the most popular powerful drugs to treat impotence (erectile dysfunction) in men. Many men claim to get better sex satisfaction after taking this blue pill. Considering that Viagra medicine is generally consumed for men, what happens if women take the strong medicine ? Are there any dangers or side effects? Viagra is a drug that is “deified” by men because of its usefulness to improve sexual function disorders such as erectile dysfunction. This drug was introduced in the 1990s.

At that time scientists released a drug called sildenafil. This medicine is in the form of a small pi which is light blue in color. Believe it or not, the discovery of Viagra as an erectile dysfunction drug is apparently just a coincidence. Initially, this drug was intended to help overcome seated wind disease, or in medical language called angina pectoris.

Angina pectoris is a condition of narrowing of the arteries in the heart. Unfortunately, sildenafil is not so effective in treating angina. The researchers actually found that the drug could help accelerate blood flow to the penis. This certainly will help men to get an erection and maintain an erection for longer. Read: Strange and Interesting Facts About Penis Well, starting from there, the drug manufacturer Viagra decided to market Sildenafil to treat erectile dysfunction.

This was done after further research to ascertain the benefits of the drug. In 1998, this powerful drug became the first oral drug approved by the FDA (Food and Drug Monitoring Agency in the United States) for the treatment of erectile dysfunction. In general, Viagra works effectively in men who complain of erectile dysfunction of up to 65 to 70 percent.

So, what happens if women take Viagra medicine? Researchers have theorized that this powerful drug has the same sexual effects as men experience if women take the drug. Viagra is believed to increase levels of nitric oxide in the body to expedite blood flow. In men, this nitric oxide will increase blood flow to the penis so that the owner can maintain an erection. Whereas in women, this nitrate okisda will increase blood supply to the vaginal area and clitoris. Read: 1 Women’s habits that endanger the beauty of the vagina In addition, based on research published in the Journal of the American Medical Association in 2008, researchers found that women who took antidepressant drugs and Viagra experienced increased orgasmic function.

However, they did not show an increase in sexual desire. Because it does not show an increase in sexual desire, the benefits of Viagra drugs just stop there for women. Viagra as a treatment for women who have low sexual desire is still controversial. The reason, the FDA has not approved the drug for women and most doctors will not prescribe it in women. Research conducted in the last few years has not yet been able to find the efficacy and safety of the use of these drugs in women. Although this drug is specifically for men, in fact Viagra is also not safe for some men. Side effects can include heart problems, high blood pressure, eye problems, chronic liver disease, or kidney disease. Read:

Premature Ejaculation? Overcome With This Exercise However, there is now a Viagra equivalent drug that has been approved by the FDA as a treatment for low sexual desire in women before menopause, namely flibanserin with the trade name Addyi. Flibanserin works in a way very different from Viagra. Flibanserin targets the brain, not the genital organs. In addition, this drug is intended to treat hypoactive sexual desire disorder (HSDD). HSDD is a medical condition that indicates low sexual desire. However, the weakness of these female aphrodisiacs cannot be used together with alcohol because they provide dangerous interactions.